Let’s admit it, fitness and fashion go hand-in-hand.  Who wouldn’t want to look great in the process of getting fit?

Fitness has taken its moment on the fashion runway!   Many active wear  retailers and designers are focusing on “athleisure.”  Clothes are being  designed that fit a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for  either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both. Activewear is more than  just "activity" wear but has become "anytime" wear. Many designer  apparel companies are tapping into the fitness industry by designing  fitness pieces that are not only functional but also fashionable.  Fitness clothes that WE WANT TO WEAR!  These companies are taking  fashion wear beyond the streets and going into the gyms.  

Fitness  fashion is a mega trend in the industry, according to the Wall Street  Journal, Barclays estimate the US athletic apparel market will increase  nearly 50% to more than 100 billion at retail by 2020. What you wear to  the gym can trigger mental changes that positively affect your  performance, but also your workout motivation. Working out not only  produces physical results, but also produces mental results.  It is a  stress reliever from a hectic day and a life saver in preventing  diseases that plague ​so many people in our community.



Fashionably Fit is an activewear fashion show and fitness expo. We work with local and national designers and retail stores to bring the latest trends in activewear to the runway. Who doesn’t want to look good and feel comfortable while working-out? Our designers and retail stores promote their businesses as models of all shapes and sizes hit the runway showcasing activewear for runners, yogis, dancers and more! We partner with top Fitness Professionals to bring a high energy, fun filled and actioned packed fitness routines to the event. With over 300+ people in attendance, our Instructors take the attendees through workout routines to expose them to different fitness formats. FITNESS, FUN AND FASHION all under one roof!